Hurls a creature back to their home plane.

AD&D 2eEdit


Spell Level: 4 Rarity: Common (clerics)
Spheres (Priest): Guardian, Summoning (School: Abjuration)
Components: V, S, M (holy symbol, holy water, and an item distasteful to the target)
Range: 10 ft. Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Special
Target: 1 extraplanar creature

The caster speaks the target's name, and hurls them back to their home plane. Demigods and more powerful deities are immune. The creature gets its Magic Resistance, and if this is overcome, the base chance for success is 50%. This chance is adjusted based on the difference between the caster's level and the level or HD of the target -- if the caster is higher level, the chance increases, if the caster is of lower level, the chance decreases. If the attempt fails, the caster must gain another level before the same creature can be targeted.

The abjured creature must make a System Shock roll to survive the experience (creatures without a Constitution have a base chance of 70%  + 2%/level or HD). The caster cannot control where on the destination plane the creature appears.

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