Ambar's Palace is the planar headquarters of the Godsmen faction, drifting in the Deep Ethereal. This massive structure of steel and glass has high-ceilinged wings, intricate vaulting, and stained-glass windows, and sports multiple wings -- enough space for the factol, many of the faction leaders, and even several of the common workers from the Great Foundry. The palace sits on a bit of stable ether, and the island contains luxurious gardens, and houses many works of art, furtniture, sculpture, landscapes, and vases, often with a distinctly elven sensibility.


The Palace serves as a base for travelers and explorers in the Deep Etheral, with the faction being more than happy to rent out rooms and provide food and healing. The prices here are reasonable (though the preaching of the faction members might be a cost too high for some to bear).

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