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An annis is one of the most potent of the hags. Large and strong, they possess a voracious appetite, especially for human flesh

Magic PowersEdit

Annises, like all hags, can conceal their true forms with an illusion. An annis often appears as a tall human, an ogre, or even a small giant. Annises also possess the ability to cloak the battlefield in fog, and use this to mislead foes and keep their enemies guessing.


Annises are colossally, inhumanly strong. They attack with their talon-like hands, and bite with their needle-sharp teeth, grappling with their enemies and strangling them to death. They possess keen senses, and so are rarely surprised, while their own illusion and stealth powers means that they often surprise others. The stone-like skin of an annis resists edged weapons well, though blunt weapons seem to break it more easily.

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