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The appraising proficiency allows a character to estimate the value of crafted items (such as art, jewelry, antiques, etc.). When examining the object itself, a character can ask the DM to make a proficiency check to identify if it's a fake, and to estimate it's value to the nearest 100 gp or 1,000 gp. On a failure, the character cannot estimate the price. On a critical failure, the character wildly misidentifies the price as being much lower than it really is.

Skills & PowersEdit

CP 2, Initial Rating 8, Intelligence (Reason), Wisdom (Intuition)

Makes an estimate as to the value of a common object (including items made of precious metals and gemstones) within +/- 10%. Objects of art, tapestries, furniture, weapons, or other unusual items can be estmated to within +/- 25%, as long as the character has some basis for comparison. This requires no proficiency check, and the DM rolls to determine the appraisal's accuracy.

A charcter can request the DM to make a check to identify a fake item or a forgery, to make a very accurate assment (within +/- 5%), or to make a general assessment of unique items such as artifacts. A critical failure indicates a wildly inaccurate assessment.

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