Rogue, Priest, Wizard
1 Slot

A character proficient in astrology can predict the future in the stars. Knowing the birth date and time of any person, and with a successful proficiency check, an astrologer can foretell the next 30 days in general terms, noting any remarkable event that may occur (a new friend, a great battle, a significant loss, etc). The revelation is only of a potential event, not an inevitable event. If a 20 is rolled, the prediction is wildly inaccurate.

Those with this proficiency gain a +1 bonus to navigation proficiency checks, as long as they can see the stars.

Player's OptionEdit

CP 3, Initial Rating 5, Intelligence (Knowledge) / Wisdom (Intuition)

The astrologer can identify constellations, and knows the story behind their naming. This proficiency gives a +2 bonus on navigation checks when the stars can be seen, and empathy grants a +1 bonus to the Astrology rating.

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