Determines whether an action will bring benefit or harm.



Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell. The Dungeon Master's Guide elaborates upon it.

Level: 2 School: Divination
Components: V, S, M (gem-inlaid sticks or dragon bones, and the wet leaves of an infusion including a crushed 100 gp pearl, left in the container after the infusion is consumed)
Range: Caster Casting Time: 2 rounds
Duration: Special Saving Throw: None
Target: Caster

Divines whether a specific action to be undertaken in the next 3 turns will be beneficial or harmful to the party. The base chance for a successful divination is 70%, +1%/caster level. The DM can make further adjustments.

DM Advice: You don't need ot be overly exact about what you tell the caster -- simply compare the knowledge you have and give the character the general impression of what might lie ahead.

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