Bakemono are distant relatives of goblins. Similar in many respects to them, bakemono are characterized mostly by their astounding variety -- no two bakemono are alike, and they have a range of colors, furs, feathers, body shapes, paws, hands, hooves, legs, tails, fangs, eyes, and ears. Each bakemono is something of a random assortment of parts assembled into a creature.


Lead by leiutenants, bakemono exist mostly by stealing from civilization. They dwell in ruins (often ruins they had a hand in causing), and raid settlements nearby. Chaotic and violent, they live a life of constant conflict, between each other and the outside world. Bakemono are partial especially to sake, willing to go through great lengths to get the taste of this strong rice wine.


Bakemono are occasionally marshalled together under an oni. Though the two don't get along much better than the bakemono and anyone else, the goblinoids seem willing to obey the oni for at least a time.

Publication HistoryEdit

  • 1e Oriental Adventures
  • 2e Kara-Tur MC

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