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Beringe is a high-up member of the Revolutionary League in the Planescape setting, who leads several cells of Anarchists in various activities across the planes. He shows few qualms about doing what needs to be done in the interest of his faction's goals, and he is an active recruiter who regularly listens for symapthetic ears in Sigil's taverns. Those who work with him know him to have a few secret identities, and to be active in plots against the Harmonium, the Fated, and the Athar, among others. He has reportedly never been arrested (at least, under his own name).

Statistics (2e)Edit

Male human planar, Factotum of the Revolutionary League, Neutral Evil

Dual-classed fighter 13-thief 13

Str 18/40 Int 13 HP 72
Dex 17 Wis 13 AC -1
Con 16 Cha 14 THAC0 8

Equipment: Plate mail, shield, short sword, hat of disgiuse, ring of chameleon power, boots of elvenkind

Special: Beringe has standard faction and fighter abilities, and has the following thief skills: PP 84%, OL 82%, F/RT 80%, MS 95%, HS 85%, DN 89%, CW 95%, RL 80%. He uses his magic items when armored, and relies on these skills when travelling light.


The Factol's Manifesto (2e)

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