Branta are forest-dwelling beasts native to arctic and subarctic forests. They are quadrupeds equipped with gnarly bony structures on their heads, which they use as mating displays, and in combat with predators. They behave largely as other herd animals do, and though they are not domesticable, their meat is valuable.They also have sure footing even in deep snow, and use their horns to clear away grasses and sedges to eat even in deep winter.


Branta fight by charging their foes, ramming them with their horns and flinging them aside with a toss of their head. They prefer to flee, but if cornered, or if protecting another herd member, they can be dangerous opponents.

Branta, like many cold-dwelling creatures, are unaffected by cold damage, but their flammable fur means they take extra damage from fire.


Branta meat is quite valuable in the cold lands in which they dwell. Tight, light-hued, and extremely nourishing, it nonetheless can be something of an acquired taste.

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