The Buffoon is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for multiclass gnome thief/illusionists. Buffoons are jesters and professional fools whose skill at joke-telling is legendary.

Character RoleEdit

Buffoons make themselves objects of ridicule and figures of fun, which allows them to deliver pointed and often hilarious jokes to others. This entertainment is vital in gnomish society, keeping the powerful and noble well aware of their weaknesses and foibles. Buffoons make friends easily, and have an eye for winning over crowds.

Building a BuffoonEdit

Buffoons have no hard ability score requirements, but often have a high Charisma to facilitate their friendly nature. Navigator, Gambler, and Jeweler are common secondary skills. Buffoons prefer to fight with daggers (both thrown and hand-to-hand), and use a variety of comedy props such as horns, bells, whistles, juggling balls, and a makeup kit that includes wigs and false beards. If proficiencies are used, buffoons will find use from the History and Disguise proficiencies, alongside the more typical jester-ing proficiencies of Juggling, Lip Reading, Tumbling, and Ventriloquism. As a thief, buffoons emphasize Hide in Shadows, Detect Noise, and Find/Remove Traps.

Game Rule InformationEdit

  • Benefits:
    • Bonus Proficiency: Etiquette
    • Buffons can ruin the concentration of spellcasters with a joke. If the buffoon shares a language with the spellcaster and wins initiative, they can force a spellcaster to make a Wisdom check or fail to cast the spell. At the DM's option, the level difference between the buffoon and the spellcaster may modify the check (either up or down).
    • Buffoons can influence reactions as a bard can. By performing in front of a nonhostile group, a buffoon can force the crowd members to make a save vs. paralyzation, at -1/three levels, with failure moving the group one level toward friendly or hostile (as the buffoon desires). A successful save reverses the effect.
    • Buffons can counter the effects of songs and poetry used as magical attacks as a bard can, once per encounter. The buffoon can attempt a save vs. spell to defend against a particular attack. If successful, characters within 30 ft. of a buffoon are immune to the attack as long as the buffoon continues to perform, performing no action other than performance and a slow walk. If the buffoon is struck or fails a save, the effect ends.
  • Hinderances: Buffoons must look and act ridiculous, and suffer all the penalties for being so absurd.

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