Caladrius by sir pumpkinhead-d49an7r


Climate/Terrain Marsh (Temperate Swamps)
Activity Cycle Day
Frequency Very Rare (3%)
Organization Solitary
Lair Roaming


Intelligence Animal (1)
Morale Average (10)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Small (3-4 feet tall)
Hit Dice 1/2 (4 hp)
Armor Class 9 (+1)
Movement 3 (30 ft/round), Fly 15 (D) (150 ft./round)
Actions Sharp Beak
THAC0 20 (+0) 1 damage


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp
Captive Value 1d3 * 500 gp.

The caladrius is a mystical, pure-white bird of healing found in marshlands. Similar to a heron in shape and behavior, it has a legendary ability to heal illness by absorbing it into itself. Though rare, they are pursued for this purpose by many.

Caladrius HealingEdit

A caladrius chooses whom to heal and whom not to heal by deciding to look at them, or to look away. Upon acceptance, the caladrius absorbs all illness the creature is experiencing into itself, changing its brilliant white plumage to a dull gray in the procress. To heal itself, it must fly near the sun, where it can be purified by bright sunlight. It can then heal again. Once it flies off, it typically does not return - luring one back requires mimicing the mating call, using the Animal Lore proficiency with a -10 penalty.

The caladrius is immune to diseases that it does not choose to accept. A captive caladrius that is not being used is kept hooded and caged to prevent them from looking at some other patient.

Publication HIstoryEdit

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