The carru is a bovine creature native to the harsh world of Athas. They resemble  Brahman cattle, with a large hump for storing water immediately behind their heads.


Carru have large humps behind their heads, drab gray hide (that is tougher on the head than on the body), and forward-facing eyes. The males have downward-curling horns as adults, while the females have straight, short horns.


Like other herd animals, carru generally flee from any aggressive action. Carru use their horns to impale and toss their enemies, and can trample like other herd animals.


A carru herd consists of at least 1 adult male, 3 adult females per male, and several young. The largest male present is the leader of the herd.


Carru are used as beasts of burden, dragging ploughs or turning water wheels, grazing on whatever forage they can find. Carru meat is edible, and its milk is potable and sustaining on its own, though it only keeps for a few days.Carru hide is made into clothing, tents, and furniture covers, and takes a dye very well. The hide on the head can be engineered into a shield or buckler, or it can be used to join more rigid pieces of leather in leather armor. The carru's hump does contain liquid water, if cut open, and can be used as a waterskin.

As livestock, male carru are worth up to 1 gp, while females are worth up to 3 gp, owing to their reproductive abiltiies and valuable milk. Carru carcasses are usually worth about 5 sp.

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