The school of Alchemy is a Thaumaturgy school that specializes in transmutations and alterations of various sorts, on creating exotic potions, substances, and tinctures, and on acids, poisons, and gasses.

AD&D 2eEdit

First LevelEdit

Common First Level Alchemy SpellsEdit

Uncommon First Level Alchemy SpellsEdit

  • Adhesion
  • Control Vapor
  • Fire Burst
  • Firewater
  • Metamorphose Liquids: transforms one liquid into another

Rare First Level Alchemy SpellsEdit

  • Otiluke's Bubbling Buoyancy
  • Otiluke's Smoky Sphere
  • Troll Repellant

Very Rare First Level Alchemy SpellsEdit

  • Suric's Swift Perusal
  • Tipple
  • Oilskin

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