Cavalry Charger is a feat useful to those who enjoy mounted combat, ennabling them to perform a few special manuervers.


  • Feat Type: Tactical, Fighter
  • Base Attack Bonus +7
  • Feats: Mounted Combat, Spirited Charge, Trample


You can make the following tactical manuervers:

  • Unhorse: If you hit a mounted opponent with a charge attack, you can attempt an immediate bull rush. If successful, your target is pushed, but the mount is not.
  • Leaping Charge: You may choose to make a Ride check at the end of your movement for extra damage (DC 10 for +2 or DC 20 for +4). If you fail, you cannot make an attack at the end of your charge, and if you fail by 5 or more, you also fall off the mount.
  • Fell Trample: You may overrun more than one foe. Each target of your overrun recieves an attack.

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