Charm of Protection from Spirits
XP Value: 1,000
GP Value: 5,000

This charm takes the form of sacred words on yellow or red paper that must be pasted to the lintel of the door to a house. The words describe various threats against spirits, and spirits cannot touch the paper. Any spirit attempting to enter a house where this charm is hung must make a saving throw vs. death magic to be able to enter. If the save fails, the creature cannot enter the building, although its ranged attacks may still target those in the building.

Least Spirit Centipede CharmsEdit

A least spirit centipede is capable of giving up reincarnation to repay a debt of honor. When it does under these conditions, its body turns to brass. The brass centipede can be hung inside a building and works as a charm of protection from spirits.


Oriental Adventures (1e)

Encyclopedia Magica (2e)

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