Chilblains are horrid insectile aberrations that loathe warmth and seek to exterminate it everywhere. Immensely powerful, they dwell in the coldest lands, and are only active in the depths of winter, but they will occasionally lead crusades to lands of warmth, seeking to exterminate it all it sees.


A chilblain prefers to freeze an enemy before it even approaches them, employing magic to deal cold damage and to manipulate the environment with avalanches and walls of ice. Chilblains also are capable of turning their opponent to ice with their gaze, and are surrounded by a constant aura of cold (which comes channeled into their natural attacks as well). Perhaps most dire, a chilblain can exhale a radiant blue-green flame that, if it hits, cannot be healed naturally until the target is warm again first. A chilblain also possesses a few spells to manipulate this "coldfire."

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