A massive citadel built on a rotating disc of elemental earth and protected from the disintegrating dust of the plane by immense walls of magical force, Citadel Alluvius is the most populated of the four Doomguard Citadels on the elemental planes. It is located in the Storm of Annihilation, a region of the Plane of Dust where powerful winds of negative energy whip up storms of a highly destructive nature. Here, the negative energy fills up a person, causing them to slowly inflate, and violently explode into debris.


Visitors of all kinds are welcomed in this temple to the dissolving of all things. It serves as one of the staging grounds for those who wish to explore the Plane of Dust or the nearby elemental planes.



The Citadel is ruled by Pereid, Doomlord of Dust (Female human, level 19 Theif, Lawful Neutral).


Ruins of the AncientsEdit

At a location in Dust called the Wasting Place, where dust and ash merge into one choking, icy cloud, the ruins of a city have been discovered. Large, flying, wheeled vehicles reside in the ruins, as do, reportedly, the original residents of the town, a race of "multibrained fugue entities." The Doomguard are interested in discovering the history of this city, and how it came to be here.

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