The target of this spell is unable to percieve color.

AD&D 2eEdit

Color Blindness
Spell Level: 1 Rarity: Rare
Schools: Illusion/Phantasm
Components: V
Range: 1 yd Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 turns Saving Throw: Negates
Target: 1 creature

The target of this spell becomes color blind on a failed save, percieving the world only in shades of grey. Normal curing and healing will not restore colored sight, though the spell can be dispelled normally.

The negative effects of color blindness are subtle, and largely up to DM interpretation. Many monsters (such as dragons), plants, gems, flags, and so on, rely on color, and a character won't be able to tell a red dragon from a blue one (for instance).

Color blindness has positive effects as well, allowing a character to more easliy pierce color-based camouflage and to see better in darkness. The character has a +2 (or +10%) bonus to any roll to notice a camouflaged creature, and attempts to hide in shadows from the target of this spell suffer a -2 (or -10%) penalty. The target also has a +1 bonus to their surprise rolls if the party attempting to gain surprise is hiding in shadows or camouflaged.

This spell is known to be in the Cyclopedia Phantastica, Vol. III.

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