Raises a dead person as a spectre.

Original D&DEdit

This spell appeared as part of the Illusionist class in The Strategic Review 1-4. Dragon Magazine #12 preserved this spell on the Illusionist list.

  • Spell Level 5

Causes a dead person of at least 2nd level to become a spectre with hit dice equal to half the killed creature's level (rounded up). The spectre's mind and memory are intact, it retains its own alignment, and it is not under control of the caster. A spectre can be created from a given corpse if this spell is cast within 24 turns, plus 6 turns per level of the Illusionist.

Dragon Magazine #12 indicated that the spectres created in this way have no draining ability, but that the spectres cannot be affected by weapons or magic with two exceptions: haste, which shortens their life by half, or stop, which slays them. The spell is noted to be the equivalent of Animate Dead.

Spectre InformationEdit

  • Armor Class 2
  • Move 15" / Fly 30"

These monsters have no corporeal body, making them immune to normal weaponry (but not magic weapons), including silver-tipped arrows. They drain two life energy levels when they hit. Humanoids killed by spectres become spectres under the control of their creator.

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