Training a Dire Badger by William O'Connor
Dire badgers are giant, ill-tempered badgers, 5 to 7 feet long. They burrow through any material softer than solid rock, leaving behind a large tunnel. They are fiercely territorial, and tolerate intrusions from no other creature.

D&D 3eEdit

Rage: A dire badger that takes damage flies into a rage on its next turn, attacking madly until it or its opponent is dead. In rage, a dire badger gains +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, and -2 AC. The dire badger can't end its rage voluntarily. Dire badger rage is considered an extraordinary ability.

Relationship with GnomesEdit

While generally ill-tempered and fierce, dire badgers, like other burrowing mammals, have a close relationship with rock gnomes. Rock gnome rangers have been known to befriend dire badgers, and rock gnome communities are sometimes proteced by these massive beasts, who consider the gnomes allies (and the gnomes return the favor). Elite gnome cavalry even ride dire badgers into combat, trained just as any other animal.

Dire Badger Mount 100 gp for young 15 gp training cost Handle Animal DC 16 to rear 8 gp/month upkeep

As an option, a DM may increase the DC of all ride checks related to a raging dire badger by 2, and the DC of all handle animal checks related to a raging dire badger by 5.

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