1 Slot
Charisma -1

A character with this proficiency can create a convincing disguise. They can make themselves look like any general person about the same height, age, weight, and race. A successful proficiency check indicates the disguise is convincing, while a failed check indicates that it was off in some way.

A character can use this proficiency to alter the appearance of their gender or race as well, with a -7 penalty on the check. The character can also disguise themselves as a specific person, with a -10 penalty. These modifiers stack if the attempt is to disguise themselves as someone of another gender and race.

Skills & PowersEdit

CP 4, Initial Rating 5, Wisdom (Intuition) / Charisma (Leadership)

A character can simply obscure their own appearance without needing a proficiency check.

A character can disguise themselves as another gender, race, or size, but if they meet someone familiar with them, they must make a proficiency check with a -2 penalty for each category to avoid being noticed.

A character who disguises themselves as a specific individual must make more frequent checks (each time they encounter or speak with someone who knew the old character), and each check is made at -2.

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