Dogs are familiar sights to most civilized folk. Easily domesticated, unflinchingly loyal, and useful in hunting, herding, and protection of land, dogs have existed alongside civilization for decades.

Dogs are close relatives of wolves.


Most dogs fight as part of an organized pack, cooperating to bring down even quite large prey.


Dogs have been domesticated by humans, and the bond between the two can be quite close.Humans have employed dogs as helpers in hunting, herding, and home defense, relying on the dogs' keen senses.


Dogs prey widely on many animals, but are especially fond of ungulates such as deer, pigs, and other such creatures. Millions of years of hunting have made these creatures quite fearful of dogs as well.

Feral DogsEdit

Dogs may go feral, reverting mostly back to a wild state and living without their human allies. Such dogs can be quite dangerous, as they have no fear of humans, but they may still display aggression towards them. Feral dogs tend to live off the scraps of human habitation, living in junkyards, dumps, urban slums, and forests alongside herding grounds.

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