Domestic Cat



Climate/Terrain Urban Areas (Any Urban)
Activity Cycle Day or Night
Frequency Common (30%)
Organization Clowder (1d12)
Lair Roaming
Surprise Opponents take a -3 penalty to surprise rolls. A domestic cat is surprised itself only on a roll of 1 or 2.


Intelligence Animal (1)
Morale Average (8-10)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Tiny (1 ft. tall)
Hit Dice 1/2 (4 hp)
Armor Class 6 (+4)

9 (90 ft/round), Climb 4 (40 ft./round)

Burst of Speed: A domestic cat can double its movement rate for 1d10 rounds.
Actions Teeth and Claws
Front Claws (THAC0 20 (+0)) 1d2 damage + Rake
Bite (THAC0 20 (+0)) 1 damage
Rake: A character hit by both claw attacks is subject to an additional attack from the back claws that deals 1d2 damage if it hits


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp

Domestic cats are common pets for humanoids. They are effective at controlling pests in settled regions, and are often kept as useful creatures and companions by nobles and peasants alike. They are agile leapers, and can hunt effectively in the day or at night. Some societies worship cats as divine beings, while others view them as minions of evil.

Domestic cats are frequent familiars, and may also be used by hunters in catching vermin or birds. They come in many different breeds, and typically weight 8-10 lbs. (though they have been known to get quite chubby if pampered). A well-treated cat lives for about 15 years. When rearing kittens (typically 1d4+1 in a litter), a mother cat will fight to the death to defend them.

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