The Drums of Panic are a pair of unremarkable-looking kettle drums. When both are sounded, a wave of panic spreads out to 120 feet (aside from a 20 foot-diameter "safe zone" centered on the drums), forcing every creature there to roll a save vs. spell or become panicked. Creatures with an Intelligence of 2 roll with a -2 penalty, and creatures with an Intelligence of 1 roll with a -4 penalty. A panicked creature turns and moves directly away from the drums for 1 full turn. 

After the first turn, a panicked creature can make another save, with each failure bringing one more turn of movement away from the drums, and another save at the end to stop it.

A bard playing these drums can reduce the diameter of the "safe zone" to whatever they desire. Every three levels of the bard imposes a -1 penalty on saving throws against these drums.


  • Number 3593
  • XP Value: 6,500
  • GP Value: 35,000
  • Source: Encyclopedia Magica

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