Causes a range of emotional reactions in the target.

Original D&D Edit

Appears originally in The Strategic Review 1-4, along with the Illusionist. Dragon Magazine #12 maintained this spell on the Illusionist list.

  • Spell Level 4
  • Range 18"
  • Duration Concentration

Create one of the following emotional effects:

  • Fear: Those who fail their saves become panicked and flee.
  • Battle Lust: Counters the fear effect, or adds +2 to the damage they deal due to their ferocity.
  • Deprivation: Causes army members to desert, and lowers morale by 75%
  • Bravado: Gives immunity to fear, and counters the Deprivation effect.
  • Hate: Roll 1d10 for the target of the hate (1-2: hate any enemy, 3-4: hate each other, 5-7: hate both; 8: hate self; 9-10: hate caster). The target of the spell will attack the target of their hate (including committing suicide if they hate themselves).

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