They feystag is a mythical creature of the northern wilds. A creature akin to a cat, but with majestic antlers (and a taste not unlike venison), the feystag wields strange power over magical items, causing them to activate to its own desires rather than its masters'.


A feystag uses its power to detect and activate magic items near it to use its opponents' own magic against them. If confronted with an opponent without magic, the feystag resorts to employing its claws. It can also wield weapons, though awkwardly.

Feystags are immune to charms, and also do not appear in divination.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

A feystag is often very knowledgable about magic items, and can serve as a sage with regards to identifying or unleashing a particular magic item. Some feystags dwell amongst humans in forest lands, serving specifically to aid them with magic discoveries.


Some feystags dwell among human communities, exchanging their knowledge for various high prices (often including other magical items). Feystags are also friendly with korred, centaurs, and satyrs.

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