Locates hidden traps in the area.

Original D&DEdit

The spell is introduce in Men & Magic as a cleric spell.

  • Spell Level 2
  • Duration 2 turns

The cleirc locates any magical or mechanical traps within a radius of 3" for the duration.


Find Traps Edit

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell. The Dungeon Master's Guide gives further advice on the spell.

Level: 2 School: Divination
Components: V, S
Range: 3" Casting Time: 5 segments
Duration: 3 turns Saving Throw: None
Area: 1" path

Reveals all magical or mechanical traps, making them visible to the caster regardless of the concealment applied to them. The spell is directional -- it only detects traps that the cleric is looking at.

DM Advice: If the spell detects magical traps, the caster has a 10%/level chance of identifying the school of magic used in the trap (transmutation, evocation, etc.).

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