Directs the caster away out of wilderness and mazes.

Original D&D Edit

The spell is introduced in Supplement I: Greyhawk as a cleric spell. Anti-clerics can also use it.

  • Spell Level 6
  • Duration 6 turns + 1 turn/level (or 1 day outdoors)

The caster gains knowledge of the fastes path out of a trap, maze, or wilderness. It thus has the effect of ending a maze spell in 1 round and rendering the caster immune to further maze spells.


Find the Path Edit

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell.

Level: 6 School: Divination
Components: V, S, M (a set of divination counters such as bones, ivory bars, sticks, carved runes, etc.)
Range: Touch Casting Time: 3 rounds
Duration: 1 turn/level Saving Throw: None
Target: Creature touched

Discovers the shortest, most direct route from or to a locatoin specified by the caster. The caster gains knowledge of the way to travel and the actions to take, and this knowledge remains with the caster for the duration.

DM's Advice: The spell can guide someone to a location, but the location must be described for what it is, not what it may contain. Thus, it could find a forest of ash trees, but not a forest where a green dragon lives. Likewise, it could find a cave or a dungeon level where the party expects to find treasure, but it cannot simply find a hoard of platinum coins.


The reverse of this spell requires an attack to hit an unwilling target. The afflicted target loses all sense of direction and becomes entirely lost for the duration.

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