Secures an area against extraplanar invasion.

AD&D 2eEdit


Spell Level: 6 Rarity: Common (cleric and druid), Uncommon (Specialty Priest)
Spheres (Priest): Guardian, Wards (School: Abjuration)
Components: V, S, M (a holy symbol, holy water, rare incenses worth 1,000 gp/60-ft. cube or 5,000 gp/60-ft. cube if a password is desired)
Range: 30 yards Casting Time: 6 rounds


Saving Throw: Special
Area: Up to one 60-ft. cube per level

The target area is warded against planar travel, preventing teleportation, plane shifting, and ethereal penetration. The effect depends on alignment, as follows:

  • Alignment Identical: The creature can enter.
  • Law vs. Chaos Difference: The creature must make a save vs. spell to enter. If failed, they take 2d6 points of damage.
  • Good vs. Evil Difference: The creature must make a save vs. spell to enter. If failed, they take 4d6 points of damage.

Once a saving throw is failed, the creature cannot enter the area while the spell is in effect. Those who succeed feel uneasy and tense in the area.

The caster has the option to lock the area with a password. In that case, no saving throw is allowed, and the effects do not vary with alignment: one must know the password to enter, period. This kind of forbiddance takes more divine power, and so requires more expensive incense to power the spell.

In any case, a creature can simply physically walk into the area -- the forbiddance spell only prevents planar travel from accessing the area from beyond.

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