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The gaming proficiency allows a skilled character to win in games of chance and skill with a successful proficiency check. If two proficient characters challenge each other, they both make checks, and the one who succeeded with the highest die roll wins.

A proficient character can also attempt to cheat, gaining a +1 bonus on the Charisma score for the check. If the check result is 17-20, however, the character has been caught cheating (even if they won the game).

Player's OptionEdit

CP 2, Initial Rating 5, Wisdom (Intuition) / Intelligence (Knoweldge)

For each proficient NPC playing against the player, impose a penalty of 1, or 2 if they have higher than basic expertise.

Cheating confers a +3 bonus to the score, and requires a check. If the roll is 20, the character is caught cheating, even if no NPC's have the gaming proficiency. Increase the spread by 1 for each character with proficiency involved in the game (for instance, in a game with two other proficient players, the character is caught cheating on an 18-20).

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