1 Slot

This proficiency allows a character to make glass objects if they have access to a glazier's workshop. One day's work can produce 10 small containers, 5 medium containers, or 2 large containers. No proficiency check is required unless producing an especially precise or beautiful piece of glasswork.

Items craftable with glassblowing might include the following

Item Cost Type
32 oz. glass bottle 10 gp Container
Glass reagent bottle (23 oz) 3 gp Container
16 oz glass flask 10 sp Container
Stoppered glass jar ~ 1 cp per oz Container
32 oz glass carafe 12 gp Container
Glass rod 3 sp (small), 4 sp (medium) or 8 sp (large) Lab Equipment
Hourglass 25 gp Lab Equipment
Magnifying Glass 100 gp Lab Equipment
Glass tubing 3 sp / ft. Lab Equpiment
Glass vial 3 gp Lab Equipment
Raw Glass 8 sp (opaque), 2 gp (sheet), or 1 gp (rod) Materials
Spyglass 1,000 gp Tools
Glass Bead 3 cp Misc
Glass Bell 2 gp Misc
Theatrical Peering Glass 2 gp Misc
Glass mug 9 cp Misc
Glass Marble 4 cp


Glass sphere 1 sp Misc
Wine glass 8 cp (common) or 9 sp (crystal) Misc

Player's OptionEdit

CP 2, Initial Rating 7

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