A symbol serves as a trap for uninvited guests.


Glyph of Warding Edit

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a spell for clerics. Further elaboration is given in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

Level: 3 School: Abjuration / Evocation
Components: V, S, M (powdered diamond worth 2,000 gp for areas more than 50 square feet)
Range: Touch Casting Time: Special
Duration: Special Saving Throw: Special
Area: 25 square feet per level

Wards an area with a magical glyph. It takes 1 segment to trace the glyph, + 1 segment per square foot to trace the warding lines. When the spell is complete, the glyph and tracery become invisible, and last until triggered. Any creature entering the area without first speaking the name of the glyph chosen triggers the glyph.

The caster sets the effect when the spell is cast. The spell can deal 2 damage/level of fire or electricity (saving throw is allowed for half), or can paralyze, blind, or drain a life energy level (saving throw is allowed to negate).

DM's Advice: Clerics can determine if this spell has been cast on a surface, and magic-users can employ the erase spell to eradicate the glyph (50% base chance + 2%/level). A detect traps spell reveals the glyph, and familiar clerics might be able to bypass it with that knowledge.

Some example glyphs adorn this page.

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