Gnome battle cloak
The gnome battle cloak is actually a heavy, resilient cloak that functions much like a shield in the hands of a proficient user. It is not a shield in the traditional sense, but grants a shield bonus to AC when a proficient user is wielding it (nonproficient users gain no bonus).

A gnome battle cloak can't be used to make shield bash attacks, but it can be instead used in a disarm attempt, with a +4 bonus to the opposed attack roll made to disarm an enemy (and to the roll to avoid being disarmed if that attempt fails).

A gnome battle cloak is retrieved and readied just like a shield, and occupies a hand just as a light shield does (allowing you to carry things in that hand, but not wield weapons in it).

Gnomes develop the armor and train in its use.

Gnome Battle Cloak Exotic Shield 5 gp +1 Shield 0 ACP 0% ASF 1 lbs

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