A creature with this feat (from Races of Stone) can make enemies concentrate their attacks on themselves, rather than attack others.

Prerequisites: Cha 13, Base Attack Bonus +1

Benefit: As a move action, you can goad an opponent that threatens you, has line of sight to you, can hear you, and has an Intelligence of 3 or higher. The goad is a mind-affecing ability. When the target starts its next turn, if it threatens you and has line of sight to you, it must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Cha modifier), or be unable to make melee attacks against any other creature on this turn (unless you are dead, unconscious, they can't see you, or the target is otherwise prevented from making melee attacks against you, in which case it can act normally). A goaded creature can perform other actions normally -- the use of this feat restricts only melee attacks.

Special: A fighter can select Goad as one of their fighter bonus feats.

A blade bravo gains this feat as a bonus feat.

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