The gorse faeries are a race of childlike faeries that inhabit gorse bushes -- thorny, flammable, evergreen bushes that bloom with bright yellow flowers all winter long.


Gorse faeries are among the smallest of faeries, averaging only three inches tall. They physically resemble children, and dress in shades of green and yellow, often in the petals of their own bushes.


Gorse generally avoid combat by fleeing deep into their thorny homes, but are sometimes called on to performa more active defense. In these cases, they weild weapons crafted of bark and needles, held together with sap -- miniature bows and swords which do very little damage. The gorse use a temporary confusion poison on the tips of these weapons.

The gorse also use mirror image to avoid enemies, spike growth to escape them, and goodberry to bribe them. They may also use cantrip, though the combat effectivenes of this is largely for distraction purposes.


Gorse are wary creatures, but sylvan beings (dryads, centaurs, satyrs, etc.), those who bring them offerings (bread, honey, or milk), and those who help preserve their homes (fighting fires and exterminating beasts) can earn their protection, such as it is. A group of gorse may follow a hero who saved them for some time, using magic to their ally's benefit.

They may have a relationship with the bramble faeries, as the two share very similar territories and sizes, but no gorse faerie has confirmed the suspicion: that bramble faeries were once gorse faeries who turned against the Seelie Court.


Gorse collect potions -- one potion can often be distributed effectively over a whole tribe of the faerie.


Monstrous Compendium Annual 3 (1996)

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