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The great cats are a category of large felines who represent apex predators where they live.


An iconic great cat, lions are distinctive for their social nature and the great manes on males. They hunt in prides, cooperatively. They are associated with bravery, and with the sun. 

Cave LionEdit

A spotted breed of lion common in the temperate, subarctic, and arctic zones, the cave lion is adept at hunting in cold climates.


An image of stealth and power, tigers live in forests, grasslands, and mountains, and secure their prey largely by ambush.


A small, sleek type of great cat, cheetahs rely on superior bursts of speed to catch swift ungulates. They live in deserts, mountains, and grasslands, and specialize in agile, quick prey.


This breed of spotted cat is an adept climber, and prefers to attack in range of a tree to climb. They are opportunistic predators, and eat most anything they can kill.


A particularly big and robust form of leopard that specializes in jungle habitats, where it is often known as a killer of humanoids.


A great cat that prowls mountain regions, the cougar is very sure-footed and reasonably elusive. 

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