Giant Eagle

AKA Giant Eagles

Great Eagles are intelligent, majestic creatures that ally themselves with other Good folk. They are similar to their smaller kin in physical shape, but they are intelligent, and they may assist those on a mission they support.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Great Eagles stand 10 feet tall, with a 20-foot wingspan. Aside from this, they resemble smaller eagles in nearly every way.


Great Eagles fight with beaks and talons, using their formidable natural weapons against their foes. They have a habit of launching into a diving charge to add force to their blow.


Great eagles behave quite a bit like normal eagles in their own company, albeit with respect for each other and an altruism that is not found in their less-intelligent counterparts.


Great Eagles often team up with aarakocra, if their shared mountainous terrain is under threat. Elves often recruit giant eagles to protect their lairs as well. Majestic Cloud Giants have often been seen with giant eagles adorning the towers of their cloudy castles.

Adventuring UseEdit

Great eagles may support an adventurer, or their party, either by becoming an ally for a period of time, or by joining as a mount. Great eagles are intelligent, and so are able to move without having to be directed.

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