This harp appears to be normal in all respects. When played by one proficient in musical instruments, 50% of the time, it allows the player to produce one suggestion for each turn of playing. As an option, the DM may force the player to make a proficiency check, and a critical failure on the check will enrage those who hear it.

The other 50% of the time, the music automatically enrages all who hear its discordant tones within 30 ft (but not the harpist). 

Enraged creatures attack the harpist 50% of the time, or the nearest other creature otherwise. Creatures are enraged for as long as the harpist plays, and for 1d4+1 rounds thereafter.

Bards, due to their skill, increase the negative effect of the harp, doubling the duration that a creature is enraged after playing ceases to 2d4+2 rounds. Jesters, as masters of disaster, can cause the effect to last for 2d4 turns after they stop playing.


  • Number 5376
  • XP Value: -- (cursed)
  • GP Value: 1,500
  • Sources: Encyclopedia Magica, Dungeon Master's Guide (2e), and Elves of Evermeet

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