Hat of Disguise (III)
XP Value: 1,000 GP Value: 7,500

This normal-looking chapeau allows its wearer to change their apperance.

  • They can adjust their height to be taller or shorter by up to 25% of their normal height
  • They can adjust their weight to be lighter or heavier by up to 50% of their normal weight
  • They can alter their gender, eye color, hair color, and facial features freely.
  • They can change the hat itself to look like any sort of headgear, such as a comb, a ribbon, a headband, a fillet, a cap, coif, hood, helmet, or similar item.

Notable BearersEdit

  • Beringe, high-up of the Revolutionary League, bears a hat of disguise (III)


Dungeon Master's Guide (2e)

Encyclopedia Magica (2e)

The Factol's Manifesto (2e)

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