This spell separates a bit of the caster's life force into a magical creature that can cast spells for them -- a homunculus.

AD&D 2eEdit

Homunculus ShieldEdit

Spell Level: 8 Rarity: Uncommon
Schools: Necromancy, Alchemist's Road
Components: V, S, M (a miniature sculpted bust of the spellcaster)
Range: Personal Casting Time: 3
Duration: 1 rd./level Saving Throw: None
Target: caster

A small creature, invisible to all but the caster and taking the form of a miniature version of the caster, perches on the caster's head. The creature has 1 hp for every 2 caster levels, and, while the creature is around, the caster's own HP is reduced by this amount. At the end of the spell, any  hit points the creature still has are returned to the caster. It cannot be targeted by weapon attacks, but spell attacks and area effects can hit it normally. If the caster is reduced to 0 hp, they die normally, even if the creature still has hp remaining. The caster also takes a -4 penalty on saving throws against magic jar while the creature is around. The creature's other statistics are identical to the caster's.

While the creature exists, it can cast spells of 4th level and lower that the caster has memorized. They must be protective spells, or the spells teleport or contingency. The spells cast by this creature have a casting time of 1, and the caster can select which spells the homunculus casts. 

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