Hutaakan Commoner


Climate/Terrain Temperate Mountains
Activity Cycle Night
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Group of 1d10
Lair Town


Intelligence Average (8-10)
Morale Average (9)
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Size Medium (6' tall)
Hit Dice 1
Armor Class 10 (+0)
Movement 9 (90 ft./round)
Traits Infravision
Hutaakan can see 60 ft. in the dark.
Move Silently
Hutaakan have a 20% chance to move silently (as a thief)
Actions Club
THAC0 20 (+0) 1d4 damage


Treasure Personal: 1d8 potions
Lair: Type I
Level/XP I/7 xp

The hutaakan are a race in collapse, living in isolated cities in the mountains of the kingdom of Karameikos. They resemble humans with jackal-like heads, covered in soft fur, with narrow hands and feet. They decorate themselves richly, in long, flowing robes, with jewelry. They speak in melliflous tones using a complex language possessed of a haunting, musical quality.

The society consists of the commoners, the priests, and the warriors. Hutaakan commoners are the craftspeople and tradespeople of the hutaakan towns, defending themselves, when forced, with simple clubs. They are lead by the preists, who tightly control the lives of the commoners. The culture as a whole considers itself sensitive, civilized, and intellectual, viewing the decline as the fault of the barbaric outsiders. They don't typically get involved with the savage world outside of their own towns.

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