Ice weird

Ice weirds are elemental fey that are powerful diviners, capable of seeing much that is hidden. They offer advice related to chaos and law, and can see how these two forces will balance each other in near-future events.

Ice PoolEdit

An ice weird is linked to a specific pool of elemental ice -- this pool make take the form of an actual pool, or might be an ice field, a glacier, or an iceberg. The ice weird is physically connected to the pool, and cannot leave it, even by forced movement.

Ice MasteryEdit

Ice weirds are commanders of ice. They can command elemental creatures of cold and water, they can summon water elementals, they radiate cold, they can sense heat (enabling them to detect invisible creatures), and they are adept at fighting on icy terrain when they must.


Ice weirds, like most weirds, can foretell much about the future, reveal hidden knowledge, and reveal the thoughts of others.


Ice weirds cast spells using their innate magic, and they specialize in magic of chaos, law, and cold.

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