Information Gathering
1 Slot

This proficiency allows a character to gather information from the criminal underworld. This is the skill a character with their "ear to the ground" who "knows about things" might exhibit, the ability to be aware of and to know about rumors and activities, particularly when they involve criminals, scofflaws, and other lowlives.

With this proficiency, a character is automatically aware of rumors circulating about the crime in an area, and can make a proficiency check to gather information about a particular person or event.  The area, called the "territory" should include the character's regular base of operations (a town, a neighborhood in a city, or a province in the countryside). Outside of this territory, a character must roll a proficiency check to gather even basic rumors, and gathering specific information takes a penalty of at least -3 (more if there are great differences in culture, language, or race).

Whenever a character makes a proficiency check, they must spend at least 1d10 gp on bribes, drinks, or other tongue-loosening measures, or suffer an additional -3 penalty. The gp is spent regardless of if the check is successful. Some creatures may want other forms of money (such as food, trade goods, or treasure), and some areas or information may steeply increase the amount spent.

A character's check is modified as followed:

  • The Reaction Modifier form a character's Charisma score should affect the check, as talking with people is a key part of gathering intel.
  • A member of a thieves' guild gains a +2 bonus, thanks to their closer ties to the underword. Also, their "territory" is the territory of the guild.

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