Ishikorobokuru are a strain of the more common korobokuru adapted for life in the cold arctic regions.


They are similar in appearance to normal korobokuru, but stockier with silvery hair and tones of blue in thier skin. Like their kin, they are unkempt and wild looking, while favoring natural hues of white and grey.


Most people regard the ishikorobokuru much like their temperate-region kin: rude, pugnacious, boastful, and a little comical. They are fairly primitive, and avoid the affairs of big-folk when they can.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ishikorobokuru are distantly related to traditional dwarves, and share the resistance to magic and poison common to those people. They are able to see in low light, and they have an intuitive grasp of stonework much like the dwarves, though they use it less to tunnel through mountains and more to make useful tools. They are also have special fighting techniques against their common enemies.

Ishikorobokuru are immune to cold, but they take double damage from fire, similar to many other creatures of cold regions.


Ishikorobokuru get on well with most people in their region, including humans, spirit-folk, and hengeyokai.


Ishikorobokuru are menaced by, and in turn menace, many of the more hostile humanoids that live near them. This roster includes creatures such as bakemono, goblins, goblin rats, and hobgoblins. Of special mention is their antipathy toward the kala in their region, which isn't shared by their less-frigid brethren.

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