Jack frosts are fey spirits of ice and cold who play dangerous games with the lives of mortals who wander into their territory. Cruel and capricious, they take great joy in the cold, frigid death of others, and will play elaborate games with the lives of those passing through their lands.

Three FormsEdit

A jack frost has great control over their own shape. While their natural form is a pale blue humanoid, jack frosts can take three different forms

Beautiful Flurry of SnowflakesEdit

In this form, the jack frost is a beautifully dancing cascade of snowflakes. By dancing and weaving, they can enrapture their potential victims, creating an alluring hypnotic pattern.

Freezing CloudEdit

In this form, the jack frost is a billowing, freezing mist. They fill space like a cloud, and deal cold damage to all within their space.

Frosty FeyEdit

This is the jack frost's natural form. In this form, they resemble a small, pale blue humanoid with icicles for hair, and wearing gauzy, light clothing.

Even has a humanoid, the touch of a jack frost is freezing and deadly. Jack frosts can also bite, and are supernaturally adept at weaving their body into prime biting range for extremities (such as lips, nose, ears, fingers, and toes). A bite from a jack frost causes frostbite, often leading to the aputation of the affected extremity.

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