1 Slot
Dexterity -1

The proficienct character can juggle skillfully. For normal juggling for entertainment, no proficiency check is required. A juggler can attempt a particularly novel trick (such as taking a bite out of an apple in midair) with a successful proficiency check.

A character who is proficient in juggling can also attempt to catch small objects thrown to harm them (such as a dagger or a dart or a vial of acid). Doing this requires a successful attack roll against an AC of 0, not a proficiency check. On a hit, the character catches the item harmlessly. On a miss, the character takes damage automatically, since their hand was struck.

Skills & PowersEdit

CP 3, Initial Rating 7, Dexterity (Aim)

A proficient character can juggle up to three small objects. A check is required to juggle more than that, with a -1 penalty per item after the fourth. Checks are also required for spectacular feats of juggling, such as juggling swords or lighted torches. On a failure, 1d4 items are dropped (the potential for injury is left to the DM).

A character can also try to catch small objects thrown as weapons, as long as they see the attack coming. To do this, they make a proficiency check at -2. On a success, the attack is harmless, but on a failure, the attack automatically hits.

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