Khayal (shadow genie)
The khayal are a species of genie tied to the plane of shadow. Said to be created from the absence of elements, they are the rivals of the jann (who were created with all four). Arrogant and proud, the khayal happily decieve the "lesser races," making an art of lying and trickery.


As supernatural creature, the khayal possess a range of resistances and immunities, the most potent being an immunity to cold damage. They are agile combatants who employ finesse with any weapon they wield, and who are capable of making lethal sneak attacks against those they find unguarded. They are also capable of using shadow mysteries, allowing them to create light, darkness, or dim light where they choose, to hide in plain sight, to become incorporeal, gain greater endurance in combat, or even travel to their home, the Plane of Shadow, whenever they wish.

A khayal must return to the Plane of Shadow periodically - they lose health and vigor in lands apart from their plane of origin.


If a creature catches a khayal in a lie, a khayal may be obliged to perform some service for the keen-eyed individual, though different khayal have different allegiances to this tradition. The creatures may work alongside those whose lying and deciet is a thing worthy of praise, as well. If working with someone, the khayal presume leadership in the relationship, and are typically surprised if others don't automatically acquiesce to their command.

A khayal thinks nothing of decieving other races, but it is deeply taboo for a khayal to lie to another khayal.

City of OnyxEdit

The City of Onyx is the major civilization of the khayal. It is a hub of planar travel on the Plane of Shadow, with a bustling marketplace. The center of the city is off-limits to creatures other than khayal. The city is ruled by the Malik al-Khayal, the King of Shadows, who rules from his palace, known as the Grand Palace of Endings.

Other cities of the khayal do exist, though their leaders only claim the title of emir - there is only one Malik.


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