Lyra birds, native to the island of Saragon, are small, hummingbird-like avains that feed on parasites attracted to the Red Curse. They are thus found around large concentrations of cinnabryl and vermeil, as well as around Inheritors and wild creatures under the Red Curse. They reduce the creature's parasite load, and in exchange, often benefit from the creature's enhanced abilities.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Lyra birds don't suffer under the Red Curse themselves. They radiate a magical protection against evil, and are capable of charming creatures in their range. A charmed creature defends the lyra bird, putting itself at risk to help its small friend.

Killing a lyra bird subjects one to a pernicious curse of ineptitude. Lyra birds die in captivity, and killing a lyra bird in this way is said to bring on Afflictions as a curse.

Publication HistoryEdit

  • Savage Coast

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