Lythlyx, sometimes called "spirals," are bizarre, alien creatures that hover in remote places, floating through the air or water in a spinning "dance" that keeps them bouyant. They are strongly psionic, and their desires and agendas are opaque to most observers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lythlyx are eel-like creatures, long and thin like a ribbon. They have no discernable eyes or mouth, but have several light-sensitive spots along their bodies, which also contain a multitude of sucking, lamprey-like jaws.

The creature flies by spinning, and so will usually be found hovering in the air or water, simply spinning in place. The flight of the creature is very controlled and precise while it spins. If the creature is ever grounded, it will panic, and seek to resume flying as soon as possible, whipping about wildly.


Lythlyx seem to enter combat to prey, but will do so without much evident rhyme or reason. They are aggressive more often than not, but sometimes easy prey will be left alone, while tougher, stronger prey will be sought out. They typically fight with their psionic abilities first, which include the ability to make objects out of nothing, call upon plant creatures, teleport long distances, and crush their enemies' minds, among other, more subtle abilities.

To feed, a lythlyx will whip its body at its prey, chomping with jaws, and dealing significant, bleeding wounds. They also drape themselves around potential prey, either constricting them or draining their blood (though they don't seem to be capable of doing both at once). The blood they drain appears to be able to heal their wounds very quickly, though it makes them hungry again.

Of note is that their alien psychology seems largely immune to enchantments, such as charm, sleep, hold, and similar effects.


The lythyx's dark, inky oil is used in the manufacture of certain inks as well as some potent magical unguents.


There is very little solid information to come out of the few lythlyx sightings that have occurred. Some theorize that the creatures are related to other aberrations, such as ropers, gibbering mouthers, and tentamorts, while others believe the creatures to be related to coatl, or to be part of the life-cycle of certain dragons. However, these theories rarely amount to more than wild mass guessing: the lythlyx's existence is an enigma, and its mind, if it has one, fairly impenetrable.

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