Those of this prestige class are master gnomish crafters, experts in the field of developing and constructing magic items.

Most maesters in gnomish societies specialize in the creation of a particular art or craft, and teach apprentices in their ways. Those who adopt this prestige class even create magical items from that artwork. Not all maesters in gnomish society adopt this prestige class, only those who gain a high level of arcane skill and wish to create permanent items. Additionally, not all members of this prestige class are maesters in a gnomish society (though many certainly could be).


The character must be a gnome with 8 ranks in any Craft skill, 4 ranks in Use Magic Device, feats including any two Item Creation feats, and an arcane caster level of at least 5.


Maesters recieve 4 base Skill Points at each level.

  • Strength: None
  • Dexterity: None
  • Constitution: Concentration
  • Intelligence: Appraise, Craft, Disable Device, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (architecture and engineering), Spellcraft
  • Wisdom: None
  • Charisma: Use Magic Device

Class BasicsEdit

  • Hit Die: d4
  • BAB: +1/2 level
  • Saves: Fort Bad, Ref Bad, Will Good
  • Spellcasting: +1/level of an existing class (except at level 1)

Class FeaturesEdit

Item Creation FeatEdit

At 1st level and at 5th level, a maester gains an item creation feat that they meet the prerequisites for.

Quick CraftingEdit

At 1st level, a maester can craft magic items in half the normal time required (one day per 2,000 gp in the item's base price, minimum 1 day).


At 3rd level, a maester can determine the magical properties of an item by handling it for 1 minute and making a successful Spellcraft check (DC 10 + the item's caster level). The maester can't take 10 on this check, nor can he retry the check. The ability is otherwise similar to the identify spell.

Pinker BachinEdit

Pinker is a is a lawful neutral male gnome wizard 5/maester 2 with a rat familiar named Wannbar.

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